This page will give you the basic information required to use our API


  • To use the API you will need an api-key. (you get your key by contacting Westpay)
  • We use JSON for all data in the API

Recommended usage

To build the data required for a complete onboarding you will have to collect some semi-static values from our API. Our recommendation is that you collect these values once and then re-use them from a local source for future use. The values we recommend that you store locally can be collected from below requests:

Card brands/getinfo/CardBrandsGET
MCC Codesgetinfo/MCCCodesGET
Terminal models/getinfo/TerminalModelsGET
Terminal Operating Mode/TerminalOperatingModeGET

Base URLs

Required headers

To use our API you must use a custom API key. To get this key you contact [email protected]

Authorization:apikey {{your key}}